Program Your Subconscious Mindset

Program Your Subconscious Mindset

It’s the start of the week and let’s make it another great one after a great weekend.

I got my cottage closed up (finally) and saw my youngest daughter, Kaelyn, perform her gymnastics routine. That was pretty darn cool!

Today, I have a meeting with Health Talks Online about setting up an online summit. If you’re not familiar with what that is, an online summit gathers interviews from 20-30 top health experts about specific health topic.

The topic for my summit is MINDSET, how that controls your health actions, habits, and behaviors, and how to improve it.

When people think about mindset, many use AFFIRMATIONS which is a way of using “positive thinking” to change their outlook and perspective on life.

Affirmations are statements that you say that you ‘believe’ to be true, or that you want to be true.

For example:

  • I am healthy.
  • I am thin.
  • I am strong.
  • I always make the healthy choice.
  • I am rich.


Here’s the problem: You’re trying to CONVINCE your conscious brain of something you don’t actually believe on a subconscious level.

And your subconscious is actually the part of your brain controlling your actions, behaviors, and habits.

Your conscious brain is 5% while your subconscious controls 95%!

You can see why these affirmations are doomed to fail.

Saying something on a conscious level (ie affirmation) that you don’t believe on a subconscious level creates a disconnect and disagreement.

And your subconscious brain will always win unless you can program your subconscious mind first, which is entirely possible.

I have first hand experience with affirmations. I did them everyday, with passion and feeling. But when I look back, I didn’t truly believe what I was saying.

There was a voice in my mind saying “yeah, right” in a mocking tone. That was my subconscious mind disagreeing with my statements.

But, there’s a better way. A more effective way.

Here it is which I learned from a great book called “The Secret Code of Success” by Noah St. John.

The human brain is always asking and searching for answers to questions.

If human thought is the process of asking and searching for answers to questions, why are we going around making statements (i.e. affirmations) that we don’t believe?

Rather than making a statement you don’t believe, why not ask a QUESTION that can transform your life?

Your mind has an Automatic Search Function. When you ask yourself a question, your mind automatically begins to search for an answer.

It’s called an AfFORMation, rather than affirmation.

There are two types of questions you ask yourself: disempowering and empowering.

As the name implies, disempowering questions are questions you are unknowingly asking yourself which bring you down – why won’t this pain go away, why am I so lonely, why does this always happen to me, why can’t I do anything, etc.

Empowering questions cause your mind to focus on what you have versus what you lack. Your mind automatically begins to focus on what’s RIGHT about you, not what’s wrong.

The purpose of afFORMations is to change your disempowering questions to empowering. You will gain conscious control of the thought seeds you are planting.

Plus, you don’t even have to come up with the answer. Simply asking the question, engages your automatic search function to focus on what’s good, instead of what’s bad.

How cool is that!

For even more instruction on this process, please click here to watch our Restore Your Health episode that specifically addresses this topic.

And if you need help reprogramming your subconscious brain so you can change your habits and actions without needing willpower, CLICK HERE for more guidance.

Have a healthy week,

Dr. Ryan

Ryan Wohlfert
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