Pay Off Your Health Debt

Pay Off Your Health Debt

Tonight was supposed to be the big Christmas program at my younger two girls’ school (SNOW DAY! It’s rescheduled for Tuesday.) And it’s the first time my oldest, Rylee, will not be part of it because she’s a freshman in high school this year.

Parents will line up over an hour before the doors open to the church. And when they do finally open, many parents will rush in and save two rows of seats for family that’s not there yet. Oh yeah… good times.

My wife and I (and Rylee) will NOT be in that group, even if it means not getting the best seat. We’ll be just fine.

So there’s close to 100 parents and grandparents waiting outside in the cold before the doors open. Then, once they get into the church, wait another half-hour until the show starts.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with our Financial Adviser this week. (By the way, if you’re looking for someone who’s got great values, and values your money, Michael Nordmann is your man!)

We were talking about what’s been happening in our lives. What’s new? What’s exciting?

He was surprised to learn Rylee is a freshman. And I was surprised to learn his wife is 37 weeks pregnant!

Michael gave a great one-liner explaining how many people perceive life (including me at times):

“The years fly by, but the days can drag on.”

And as we approach the end of the year, how many of us are wondering where the year went?

And yet, today might feel like it’ll take forever to get through.

Think about how this statement relates to your health, fitness, weight, and in Michael’s field, finances.

You look at your financial statements after a year (or years) and wonder, how did THAT happen? When did I take that money out? Why don’t I have better returns on my investments?

You may look at your blood pressure, blood tests, bathroom scale, or posture at the end of the year (or after tooooo many years) and wonder, how the heck did THAT happen!?

You see, it’s the ‘days’ and what we do during those days, that directly affect what we see year after year, many times without us even knowing it.

If you’re spending too much, going into debt, and pulling money out of your bank accounts to cover expenses to get through the DAYS, that will hurt your long term (ie YEARLY) financial health.

Makes perfect sense, right?

Eating that extra piece of cake, scoop of ice cream, helping of french fries, or piece of processed bread.

Missing a workout (or not even getting up to move) because you’re too busy.

Going to bed late, and not getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

Sitting with poor posture, slumped over your computer, iPad, laptop, or cell phone for hours on end.

Foregoing meditation because your world is going at a breakneck pace.

Day after day, these seemingly innocuous decisions add up, and you end up in health “debt.’ Just like the debt you see on your financial statements.

How you spend your days will determine how quickly you accumulate the debt, whether it’s in your health, energy, pain levels, fitness, or weight.

The great news this…. You can do pay your health debt, and create an immeasurable asset.

You don’t have to be perfect, but it does take some willingness.

And I’m here to help.

If you want your days to count, take full advantage of everyday you have, and be fulfilled when you look back over the years…

Your health, fitness, and nutrition will lead you to huge returns instead of costly losses.

CLICK HERE to set up a Complimentary 15-Minute Strategy Session with me if you’re ready to feel, look, and live your fullest life.

Have a healthy week,

Dr. Ryan

Ryan Wohlfert
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