Don’t Listen To Your Body

Don’t Listen To Your Body

It’s a “warm” Monday morning here in Lansing, MI.

After temperature’s below zero for the last week, we’re getting a heat wave in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s this week! Now I can get back to walking my dog Daisy. Her little paws can’t handle the freezing cement (and neither can I).

I’m getting back to my normal healthy routine after the holidays and I hope you are too.

I’m finally getting back to feeling like myself. I can “listen” to my body.

But I don’t like the advice of “listening to your body” for everyone, especially if they don’t have a frame of reference of what health should actually ‘feel’ like.

Or, they may be so far away from what health feels like, that their idea of health is just surviving rather that living with a clear mind, high energy, and thriving.

In the grocery store this weekend, there was a young mother at the self-checkout right next to me. Here’s what she had: 4 boxes of Frosted Flakes, 2 boxes of Apple Jacks, and 2 boxes of Fruit Loops.

What will her “normal” feel like? What will her kids’ “normal” feel like?

I wish what I saw was a rarity. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Plus, there are millions of processes happening in your body right now that you can’t feel. They just occur automatically without you consciously controlling it.

And the more you interfere with those processes because your body isn’t healthy, the more symptoms and diseases will arise.

By the time you hear your body talking to you, it may be too late to completely heal.

And when you do “hear your body,” are you even listening? Or, are you pawning it off on excuses like you’re just getting older or it’s normal?

Headaches, pain, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, leaky gut, and hundreds more.

You can limit or completely take away these interferences by addressing your 5 Pillars of Health…

The amount and quality of your SLEEP.

The MINDSET you have about your health, what it’s meant to be, and what it can be.

The amount and types of MOVEMENT you perform on a daily basis.

Your POSTURE, spine and nervous system health to ensure proper FUNCTION of every cell, tissue, and organ system in your body.

The FOOD, vitamins, and supplements that provide the raw materials to build healthy cells, tissues, and organs.

When you address these before, during, and after your body talks to you, your perspective of what health actually is changes and will understand what it’s telling you.

Then, you can better “listen to your body” if (or when) you get outside your NEW normal frame of reference.

Have a healthy week,

Dr. Ryan



Ryan Wohlfert
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