Lies You Believe About Your Health

Lies You Believe About Your Health

On an episode of “Restore Your Health”on Facebook LIVE, I addressed excess weight, lack of sleep, and how they are related.

Some, much, or all of the information I shared was probably new to you.

How many people in your life DON’T know why they are NOT healthy? Or what to do to get in shape? My guess is way too many.

I use to get mad at the mom or dad who was overweight, unhealthy, and out of shape. They consciously know that they need their health and energy to make an impact and take care of their family.

So why don’t they?

Why don’t you?

Because you have been lied to about your health.

About what to eat, think, and believe.

About how to exercise, choose, and live.

About what happens when you get older or because you have certain genes.

That if “insurance doesn’t cover it” you shouldn’t want it.

(Personally, if a therapy is not covered by insurance, I’m more likely to believe it’s a useful, beneficial therapy. You know what’s not covered… exercise, food, mindset, much of chiropractic.)

These lies about your health are put into your head like a weed, and they grow. You hear them over and over and believe them because you hear them repeatedly. And then you share them with others and perpetuate the lie cycle.

If ‘mainstream’ medicine and healthcare was correct about what is and is not healthy, why are hospitals getting bigger with more and more patients every year?

Why are multi million dollar cancer centers being built and filled with patients?

Why are chronic debilitating diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, thyroid disease, and Alzheimer’s increasing?

I’m not absolving you of all responsibility because it is your life and we all have to take responsibility for our choices. But, you haven’t been given accurate information to make well-informed choices.

Now, here’s another opportunity to make a decision.

You can continue believing the lies about how your body is weak, designed to break down, you can’t avoid disease, that it’s too hard, that getting older sucks, etc.

Or, you can decide to shun the fabrications and stand up for your own health and well-being.

If you’d like a Complimentary 15 Minute Health Strategy Session with me to start on a truly healthy path that will save you time, money, and suffering,

That will help you create the impact you want without your health holding you back,

So you can take care of yourself, and take care of your family forever,

Simply click here and let me know. And we can do this from anywhere in the world.

Sorry, this this free conversation is not covered by your insurance.

Have a healthy week,

Dr. Ryan

P.S. I have a burning pit in my stomach to get this message out to as many people as possible. To get in front of them, look them in the eye and tell them the truth. Book me to speak in front of your staff, co-workers, students, etc so I can share the truth about being healthy with you and them.


Ryan Wohlfert
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