Create Your Own Miracle Morning Routine

Create Your Own Miracle Morning Routine


With everything going on in your life, it’s important to get and stay focused.

The best ways to do that is getting your mindset in the right place.

And one of the best times to do that is in the morning.

I’ve always had some sort of morning routine…

Take my vitamins, do some exercise, throw in a little meditation. It was somewhat organized and got much more focused once I read The Miracle Morning.

I heard about The Miracle Morning from multiple dad’s in The Dad Edge Alliance, an online group of dad’s looking to improve themselves.

This was the formula I had been looking for. And I’m gonna share a summary with you so you can get started too.

(But, I encourage you to read the book for yourself.)

It uses the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S. to keep everything organized and simple to follow.



Your morning might be rushed, hectic, stressful… or it may be slow, lazy, and lethargic.

Your mind has this almost constant internal chatter about what you have to do, where you have to go, what you forgot to do, that you’re running late…. and it goes on and on.

This is the time to get focused.

Relax your mind and body, calm your spirit, and be totally present and open to receiving the benefits of silence.

You could try meditating, deep breathing, praying, or practicing gratitude.

As you try to quiet your mind, thoughts will still come in. Just acknowledge them, then let them go away, and re-focus on feeling your breaths go in and out.

If it’s hard to sit still and clear your mind, that’s exactly the reason why you need to do it!


A IS FOR AFFIRMATIONS (or as I like to do – AfFORMations)

You are constantly talking to yourself whether you know it or not.

Most of it’s coming from your subconscious mind – your past good and bad experiences that replay over and over.

You must stop focusing on what you’re doing wrong, being too hard on yourself, and causing guilt, low self worth, and undeserving of the success you really want. You’re essentially programming yourself for mediocrity.

You CAN reprogram this.

Affirmations or AfFORMations help you align with what you want to accomplish and who you need to be to accomplish it. They make an impression on your subconscious mind.

Click here if you want to learn how to create your own affirmations or afformations, and why I like afFORMations better.



This one has been the toughest for me. If I start thinking too much into the future, it creates mild anxiety because I’m not there yet.

As with anything, it takes simple and consistent steps to improve – and that’s what I’m doing with visualization.

Instead of thinking too far into the future, I visualize my day and how I want that to progress.

The basic premise is the same whether you’re visualizing your day or 3 months from now.

First, visualize what you really want.

See yourself accomplishing what you set out to do, and experience how good it will feel to have achieved it.

Second, visualize WHO you need to be and WHAT you need to do.

See yourself living in total alignment with the person you need to be. See yourself enjoying the process, smiling, filled with pride.



I’m not spending a lot of time on this one because you know how important exercise is.

Exercise in the morning has multiple benefits, most notably getting blood flowing throughout your body (and to your brain) so you’ll be more productive in your day.

Exercise in the morning before the day wears you out.

Before you have a chance to get too tired.

Before you have an entire day to come up with new excuses to avoid exercise.



If you read a minimum of 10 pages per day, you’ll average 3,650 pages a year which is 18 200-page personal development books.

How big of an effect do you think that will have on your life!?

You could also re-read good personal development books.

Reading certain ideas, strategies, or techniques over and over again gets them ingrained in your subconscious mind.


S IS FOR SCRIBING (aka Journaling)

There are many options for journaling:

  • List what you’re grateful for
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments
  • Clarify the areas you want to improve on
  • Plan which specific actions you’re committed to taking

You can do this in a traditional written format, or use an app or digital format.

This activity has become one of my favorite parts of The Miracle Morning.

The Miracle Morning has been the best habit I’ve built this year, and I encourage you to start building this habit tomorrow morning.

This is one more step to help you take control of your day, health, and life.

If you want to see my and my wife’s specific Miracle Morning routine, click here and check it out.

It may give you different ideas to incorporate it into your life, showing you how to customize to it your lifestyle.

Have a healthy day,

Dr. Ryan

Ryan Wohlfert
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