Eliminate Headaches, Fatigue, & Brain Fog Causing Frustration In Your Health, Family, Career, & Life

Over the next few minutes, you're about to learn...

1)  The Brain Energy Upgrade Program is, and how it's specifically designed to combat a parent's unique health, fitness, nutrition, and life challenges.

2)  The BEST way to determine if the Brain Energy Upgrade Program is the right fit for you, so you're not wasting your time and money.

3)  The MOST important decision you can make to turn your headaches, fatigue, frustration, and overwhelm into maximum energy and focus... without drugs or surgery.

Why is it so hard for us as adults to ask for help with our health?

Especially PARENTS!! You ask for help with your cars, plumbing, furnace, teeth...

But when it’s your health, your number one asset, something you know very little about...

Something that has an overwhelming and confusing amount of information out there… 

You want to figure it out yourself.

But while you’re trying to figure it out, using your time, money, energy, and resources...

It takes way too long.

It creates more confusion, overwhelm, and frustration.

You continue to struggle throughout your day.

The struggle causes guilt.

You get nowhere.

And even worse, your BRAIN, HEALTH, and ENERGY actually gets WORSE.

Instead of just taking a small amount of time addressing your health (and setting you up for the next 30 years)...

Your time is spent going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what’s wrong with you... and still don't get the answers!

I'm Here To Tell You That It's OK.

It’s OK... that you don’t know everything especially when it relates to healing your brain, energy, and focus.

It’s OK... you need help restoring your depleted energy levels. 

It’s OK... to trust someone who knows more than you about your health. (Just because you have a brain doesn’t mean you know exactly how it works.)

It’s OK... to put YOUR HEALTH first sometimes.

Getting rid of your headaches, brain fog, 'fatigue frustration,' poor focus and concentration...

Thinking clearly and having the energy like your 'young' self.

Taking care of yourself is the most UNselfish thing you can do for THEM. 

Your Family Wants You To Be Healthy!

Your spouse, your kids, your parents, brothers and sisters ALL want you around for a loooooong time.

And not just “around.” They want to see you with energy, vitality, happiness, and life... I know you do too.

That’s why I created the Brain Energy Upgrade Program...

Specifically Designed To Help Parents Holistically Upgrade Their Brain, Energy, & Focus Through One-on-One Health Coaching.

My name is Dr. Ryan Wohlfert and here's what I believe...

ALL parents can upgrade their brain, energy, focus, and longevity without drugs or surgery so they can enjoy their health, family, career, and lives forever. 

Over the last two decades I’ve helped 1,000’s wake up with energy, think more clearly, and live a long healthy active life with their family!

I was an embarrassed dad battling headaches, brain fog, and poor focus.

My wife was a struggling mom with low energy and chronic tiredness.

Overwhelmed by tasks, obligations and responsibilities.

Feeling guilty for not having the energy or desire to spend time with our kids.

Exhausted and not getting results from workouts and diet.

We were able to overcome this struggle.

Now we're back to feeling and thinking like our 'young' selves again!

This experience led me to create the Brain Energy Upgrade Program.

And that's why I've released it into the world.

The Brain Energy Upgrade Program gives you the tools to...

+ Receive definitive answers to your headaches, low energy, tiredness, poor focus, and brain fog that's costing you precious time with your kids.

+ Eliminate the fatigue, frustration, and struggle you feel day after day.

+ Get the results you've been working for in your physical appearance.

+ Make an impact in your career

+ Continually improve your brain, energy, and focus so you can take enjoy life with your family!

And that's just the beginning.

The  3-Step Proprietary Process To Upgrade Your Brain, Energy, & Focus:

This is the first step to upgrade your brain, energy, and focus. Using a complete thorough consultation and lab testing protocol, we can finally identify THE CAUSE of what's holding you back.

Once we REVEAL the cause, we can get to work healing your brain and energy. Your customized plan addresses mindset, detoxification, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and sleep. Your program is specifically designed for your unique challenges.


Continue on a new way of being with your brain, health, energy, and life so you can enjoy your family now and forever. I show you how to incorporate simple and consistent upgrades to continually live your most active long life!

Before You Get Started Upgrading Your Brain, Energy, & Focus...

We First Need To Determine If It's The Right Fit For You

That's why I'm inviting you to connect with me
ONE-ON-ONE for a Customized UPgrade CONSULTATION.
No matter where you are in the world!

What Will You Get With Your One-on-One Customized UPgrade Consultation?

What do you want your doctor to look like?

Do you want him or her to truly understand your problems, and design a customized health solution for you?

Do you want him or her to share powerful lifestyle strategies to boost your energy, focus, and appearance?

Do you want him or her to have access to innovative health solutions and top experts from around the world?

If you want more energy and time, to look, feel, and live better; make and save more money; make an impact in your career; and most importantly, enjoy life with your family...

You owe it to yourself and your family to DO and BE better.

And that's exactly what I'm focused on.​

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, DC CCSP

​Here is what we'll discuss in your Customized UPgrade Consultation:
  • Energy & Focus Analysis. Uncover the areas of your health that are holding you back, decreasing your energy, increasing your struggle, and preventing a fulfilled life.
  • 45-minutes discussing your health with Dr. Wohlfert (me). After performing your Analysis, I will connect with you from anywhere in the world through video conferencing. I'll also review any lab tests you've previously performed.
  • Expose the Top 3 areas blocking you from a pain-free, fatigue-free, and fog-free life. You have to know what's blocking your progress first, before you can heal and upgrade your brain and energy.
  • Reveal the Top Action Steps you need to take for the fastest, longest lasting, freedom producing results. Without a customized action plan you'll be on the same roller coaster of frustration you want to get off.
  • Further customized lab recommendations based on your energy, health, longevity, and life goals. (optional for those who want to access the most decisive tests available)

The Answers We Get From This Consultation Will Determine If You're Ready For The Brain Energy Upgrade Program

And, it will set you on a path for more energy & focus that no doctor has ever shared with you... until now!

And YOU are worth it!​

Normally this consultation is $497. 
Now, it's just $297.
(Limited Spots Available)

Can You Afford Not To Invest In
Your Health?

You may feel guilty spending time and money on yourself.

But, waiting until you actually have a diagnosis and "Sick” costs you much much more.

- Medical costs: Retiring at 55 and living until you’re 85… $372,400

- In 2016, the costs of providing healthcare to an average American family surpassed $25,000.

- Time costs: In 2010, people in the United States spent 1.1 billion hours seeking health care for themselves or for loved ones. That time was worth $52 billion.

So you can invest a little in time, energy, and money NOW...

Or, spend a lot later.

Special Bonuses for Booking Now!

Bonus #1

This Guide Is The Essential Starting Point For Any Parent Who Wants More Energy
  • Determine if you have a FIXED or GROWTH Mindset about your Health
  • The 3 Steps to Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • How to Identify and Interrupt your Limiting Self-Talk, and turn it in the opposite direction

Bonus #2

Improve How You Look, Feel, and Live With These Healthy Eating Strategies
  • For LONG-TERM SUCCESS, create a healthy eating lifestyle, not just a 'diet'
  • 7 Simple Actionable Tips you can implement today
  • Why maintenance is THE most important phase, but also the most challenging for most parents

Bonus #3

Learn How To Get Your Body Moving, Active, And In Shape... How It Was Intended
  • Why you must improve your Focus and Food BEFORE tackling Fitness
  • 7 'Forgotten' Fitness hacks to get on the road to a better body
  • My 'go-to' compromise when I don't feel like working out

I’m so happy my family and I found you. You actually took the time to assess what MY body needed and gave me an effective treatment plan that worked! Here I am out of pain and feeling much better about my weight and my health. You guys are rock stars and super heroes. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

Lisa Sillman

I feel the thing that sets him apart from others is the one-on-one care he gives to each person and the individual plans to make them better. Not a cookie cutter approach like others. As a husband and a father, taking care of my family is the most important thing to me. It wasn’t easy, but with your help I’m able to enjoy time with my wife and daughters pain free.

Dave O'berry

“I was being treated for Rheumatoid or some other sort of arthritis and I was being given prescription medications.  Four years later, I'm still pain-free. I’m exercising. I’m off prescription medications and I’m grateful.

Mary Buzzie

100% Satisfaction


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