I believe all parents must take responsibility for their health.

Here's where you start.


Safely and effectively elevate your health, energy, and longevity, avoiding drugs and surgery.


Realize your health is non-negotiable, taking full responsibility to achieving the health you want.


Continue upgrading your lifestyle, mindset, and health to enjoy your family, career, and life forever.

If you're ready to make your health a priority and accept the criteria, you can schedule below.

If you have previous labs you want to discuss at your first consultation, please email them to me at doc@upgradedparents at least a week before your appointment.

Before starting together, I have to discuss something very important that’ll have a huge impact on your ability to heal and upgrade your brain, energy, and longevity, and achieve your highest health and wellness.

If you’re here booking your consult with me, you’re taking responsibility and want to see what's actually going on in your body. Maybe you've spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on prescriptions, treatments, or supplements without a clue as to what's really going on and what the underlying causes of your disease or symptoms are. You've realized that the treatments you've tried haven't worked or perhaps have even made you feel worse.

This is exactly why it’s so important to test your brain and body (ie REVEAL the cause)... instead of throwing hundreds of dollars of medical care, prescriptions, or supplements into your body without really knowing the underlying causes and what you truly need to HEAL.

My data driven, systematic protocols helped several hundreds around the country heal and upgrade their health, energy and life, while others stay frustrated and overwhelmed trying to get well by other medical means.

After careful review, I’ve discovered who excels most in our programs (and why they do). The following questions are about much more than just eliminating your symptoms and showing you how to heal... It’s about living with the highest energy, health, focus, and enjoyment with your family.

To help you make significant changes in your present health, I’m asking you a few very important questions. I want you to be honest with yourself and really dig deep inside for the answers.

Lisa Sillman

I’m so happy my family and I found you. You actually took the time to assess what MY body needed and gave me an effective treatment plan that worked! Here I am out of pain and feeling much better about my weight and my health. You guys are rock stars and super heroes. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

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