Making a Commitment to Your Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

Making a Commitment to Your Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas and my girls are getting more and more excited.

I know it’s still three weeks away, but it’s not stopping them from listening to Christmas music every time we’re in the car. My oldest even listens to it while she’s doing some homework.

We’re at the end of the year and many people are waiting until the new year to start ‘fill in the blank.’ Maybe it’s to get in shape, lose weight, volunteer more, start a new hobby, etc.

So, I think this is the perfect time to talk about commitment.

I’m a big fan of podcasts, especially The Good Dad Project podcast.

Tom O’Shea, who is a former Navy Seal, explained commitment as it relates to an experience he had.

He wanted to do an ultra-marathon which is 100 miles, and he’d never done one before. Not even close.

When he asked a coach how to run it and what he should do, here’s what his coach said:

“I can’t teach you HOW TO run an ultra-marathon until you’re very clear on what you’re committed to. That means if you don’t sign up right now for a 100-mile run that’s out in the future, I can’t teach you how to run. I can’t show you HOW TO run UNTIL YOU’RE COMMITTED.”

Think about your life, your experiences, and what you’ve accomplished.

I bet that when you were committed to something first (whatever it was, no matter how big or small), you found out how to do it. And, if that “how-to” didn’t work, you found another way.

Your commitment pulled you through.

But, if you started off asking “how do I do that?” before you were committed, you may have started and stopped, or not even started.

The ‘how-to’ gets in the way when you put it in front of your commitment.

Do you see how this applies to your health? Fitness? Nutrition?

If you start asking:

How am I going to lose weight?

How can I get rid of this pain?

How can I get in shape?

How do I get more energy?

BEFORE you’re clear on what you’re committed to, you’re bound to fail.

Once you’re committed, there are tons of ways to succeed and tons of ways to fail.

Once you’re committed, you try one way, it works a little. Then, you try another, it works a little more. Since you’re committed, you’re always in the process of finding solutions.

If you’re not committed, the more you ask “how-to” and the more it stops you.

And the more you stop yourself, the less likely you get the health and life you want.

Tom O’Shea showed his commitment by signing up for a race before he knew how he was going to complete the race.

What are you going to do, sign up for, commit to right NOW so you can have the health and life you want? Comment below.

Have a healthy week,

Dr. Ryan


Ryan Wohlfert
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