Your Brain & Body ‘Check Engine Light’

Your Brain & Body ‘Check Engine Light’

On the way home from our cottage a couple years ago, our 2001 Honda Odyssey minivan finally went kaput. We barely made it to a local restaurant outside of Jackson, Michigan.

My oldest lamented the fact she won’t be able to drive it after getting her license in a couple years. She’s pretty sentimental about stuff like that:)

So over the next couple of days, I was tracking down a “new” used minivan.

And after looking in Lansing, Owosso, and Grand Rapids, we finally found one.

We now have two functioning vehicles! And I want to keep it that way for a long time.

As this was going on, I thought back to the signs and symptoms leading up to our minivan’s demise.

The year before… broken sway bars.

A few months before… brake pads and rotors worn out.

A couple months before… check engine light came on.

I knew I should’ve been proactive and start looking for a new minivan when the check engine light came on.

And I did, sort of.

I downloaded a couple apps ( and Autotrader) to see what was out there.

I looked at the apps, sort of.

But it wasn’t a huge priority because our minivan was still running, still drive-able.

Once it broke down, now it was a ‘crisis’ situation and I REALLY made it a priority.

You see, with my health, fitness, and food, I’m PROACTIVE.

With my minivan, I was REACTIVE.

Unfortunately, most people are reactive with their health, waiting until their brain, body, energy, and health are in a crisis situation.

Maybe that’s you too.

You may get a few symptoms and downplay them, think they’re not a big deal.

Your body and health keeps breaking down, you get more symptoms – your check engine light comes on.

Instead of a check engine light, you get neck stiffness, low back pain, tired, allergies, colds, reflux, headaches, weight gain.

Now you know it’s getting serious, but how serious is it?

Are you willing to wait until you get a diagnosis of diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, depression, ulcer, or cancer?

You can get a new car; you can’t get a new brain or body.

And how long do you want your brain, body and health to last?

Not just ‘last,’ but have LIFE in those years.

That’s the key…

I don’t want you to just be alive… I want you to LIVE now and for a loooong time.

And I hope you do too.

Don’t fall into the lie that these symptoms and diseases are because you’re getting older or it’s genetic.

If you want your independence, to take care of your family, AND make an impact in your life, click here if you’re ready to be PROACTIVE.

Have a healthy week,

Dr. Ryan

P.S. If your brain and body light is already flashing. If it’s alerting you “LOW ENERGY.” If it’s beeping at you “DANGER: POOR FOCUS.” If you’re dealing with the “BRAIN FOG” light.

There’s no time to wait. Click here to schedule a complimentary one-on-one strategy session now!

P.P.S. If you’re not ready to talk just yet, but you want to tackle this on your own (especially if you or your kids have poor focus)…

Check out the free, online Digital Dementia Summit with over 50 experts (including me) sharing their brain-savings steps to a healthier brain and life!


Ryan Wohlfert
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