Get Back To Being A Kid

Get Back To Being A Kid

As we go into winter, the holidays, and cold weather, I reflect on the great summer we had at our cottage. The most notable experience that pops into my mind is my girls learning how to ski, and how much they learned in a few short weeks.

The first few times it was difficult to even ‘pop up’ and stay up for 50 yards, with their Bambi legs holding them up. After only 5 weeks, they were popping up and skiing 3/4 of the way around the lake. And, they tried new things like skiing on one ski.

Around the same time they started skiing, our main tube broke so we had to use a tube that had not worked in the past. It was hard for the girls to stay on, the rope would drag in the water, and the girls didn’t have much fun using it. Again, at first it was tough, but they mastered it.

I’ll be honest… when they first started skiing and using the ‘new’ tube, I wondered if they’d ever ‘get it.’

I realize how stupid that is.

Because if you keep trying, doing, staying consistent, and putting in the work, you will improve in whatever you do.

I wondered at what age do we start doubting our ability to get better, improve, and progress?

My girls never doubted it. They just kept doing it over and over with complete faith that they’d eventually ‘get it.’

Do you have doubts about your ability to get better in your health, relationships, finances, fitness, career, or life?

Be honest with yourself.

Whether you know it or not, you do have that ability. One of my mentors, Brian Grasso, once told me “you don’t have to know what you’re capable of, just that you are fully capable.” I absolutely love that quote.

You have the capability inside of you to get well, be well, and restore what’s already there.

You’ve always had it… just like when you were a kid.

Just like my girls have it now. And it’s something I don’t want them to forget.

It’s time for you to get back to that place, especially with your health.

And I’m here to help.

If you’re struggling with your health, energy, sleep, nutrition, weight, and are doubting it will ever get better, CLICK HERE to get started.

It’s time you live to your capability and potential.

– Dr. Ryan

Ryan Wohlfert
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