The Adrenal ReCode: A six-pillar approach to overcoming stress

Have you ever really thought about what is happening to your mind, body, immune system and hormones when you live in a state of constant stress, overwhelm, or on the edge of burnout?

My friend and fellow health warrior, Christa Orecchio, Clinical nutritionist and founder of The Whole Journey, has worked with thousands of people using a cutting-edge six pillar clinical strategy for healing anxiety, exhaustion, and insomnia.

During this experience, she discovered one main theme for those of us trying to heal any health issue…

The nervous system is the foundation of ALL aspects of our health.

It’s simple.

When the nervous system is unhealthy due to chronic, prolonged stress, then any of these symptoms can persist.

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Memory loss and brain fog
  • Immune issues
  • Depression
  • Gain weight or can’t lose it (even with the addition of “dieting” and exercise)

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Thankfully, Christa (along with her clinical partner Jeanne Rubin) developed this very specific six pillar process to help you heal your adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones, digestion, immunity, weight issues, and improve your mental/emotional sense of well being:

Pillar 1: Synergistic Foods For The Nervous System, Brain, Adrenals And Thyroid
Pillar 2: Food Frequency To Regulate Blood Sugar
Pillar 3: Fruit & Root Sugar To Build Resilience
Pillar 4: Targeted Use of Saturated Fat To Protect The Nervous System
Pillar 5: Customized Macronutrient Ratios And Real-Time Assessments
Pillar 6: Using Breath And Movement to Control And Heal The Nervous System.

For a limited time, she’s offering you her FREE action-driven mini-course that will teach you how to implement these six pillars so you can feel really good on a daily basis…. have more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

I’ve reviewed Christa’s process and was soooo impressed. This is why I’m sharing it with you.

Thanks to Christa’s cutting-edge, stress-busting strategy, you now have the opportunity to use food as your medicine to eliminate the symptoms that plague you every day.

Think about that for a minute…

You could be feeling much better in just a few days by implementing what you learn in Christa’s mini-course.

Very cool!


Let’s make it a super healthy life!

Dr. Ryan


Ryan Wohlfert
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